About myself

My name is Jonathan Bayle, I'm also known as baylej and Mr-Hide, I'm a 27 year old French guy and I'm a wannabe game developer.
I have a masters degree in computer science with a speciality in 3D rendering. I don't work in the video game industry at the moment but I would really like to. Right now I make scalable webapps for the ESA.

I make video game as a hobby, click the portfolio link in the navbar to see all my small and mostly shitty games.

My favorite languages are C/C++ and I like to use low level libraries instead of full featured engines. I like C so much that I made an emscripten port of a javascript game library.

My favorite library is Allegro5, it's like an enhanced SDL that has many more features, but also allows you to use it just to create a window and handle input while you use OpenGL directly for rendering.
Is Allegro5 superior to SDL2? Yes!

Most of my games were made during Game Jams, I like the competitive aspect of games jams, it's a good incentive and rules plus the limited time stimulates each one of us. Every year I participate in the LumdumDare August jam with my good friend Cyto, we don't deliver each time but we do our best and learn a few new things.

Of course I'm an avid gamer, my favourite genre is the plateformer genre, games like Cave Story, Rayman legends, Abe's Oddysee, ... I'm also into several competitive multiplayer games that I play with my mates.

I have a few other hobbies, I own an old car, a Citro├źn 2cv6 that I restore and maintain, I seldom drive it, only when the weather is great and/or someone want to go for a ride.
I'm also a paraglider pilot.